“Rachel’s courtroom victories have injected a huge moral boost in the office.  I found, prior to her arrival, that the office was very cynical about just getting in the courtroom for trials.   It almost seemed like we were all waiting for the perfect case and if it wasn't perfect there was a "sky is falling" attitude if a client wanted to have a trial. Rachel’s trial work on these recent cases has been inspiring to me.”-Michael M.

“I watched your cross-examination of the Officer in a DUI case. You were great. Your work ethic and attitude are inspiring.”-Scott S.

“Rachel killed it. A seasoned veteran.”-Michael J.

“Rachel not only seeks to get people out of trouble but she also cares deeply about keeping people out of trouble. She truly wants the best for her clients.”- Latoya

“Rachel gave the case her heart and soul. She is a true warrior.”-Betsy G.

“I speak for everyone who has seen Rachel work on this murder. She did a damn good job. Very proud to call her my colleague and friend!”-Michael M.

“Rachel’s hard work assures her client has a future instead of a life sentence!”-Jill P.

"Rachel did fantastic work with the most challenging charges.”-Joshua S.

“Her opening statement was amazing. Heartfelt. Emotional.”-Scott S.

“It has been very cool watching Rachel become a really incredibly attorney. It happened before my eyes.” -Fulton County Prosecutor